Luxury, Spacious Accommodation



We are a full time facility, dedicated and passionate to provide exceptional care for your little loved ones.  Our hutches have been purpose built in our summerhouse. They are very spacious and comply with RWAF and Pets at Home 3 Hop Rule recommended standards.

Indoors ... 


All hutches are safe, warm and dry. In summer 2017 we invested in purchasing made to measure waterproof fleeces for all hutches.  These provide a cosy clean bed, however straw or sawdust is always available too if you prefer as bedding for your pet.

The summerhouse has lots of windows giving plenty of natural light and fresh air, fly screens are fitted in summer and heating is provided in winter to keep your pets cosy. 

Hutches are cleaned daily and food and water checked daily to make sure your pet is healthy and happy and are always cleaned and disinfected between boarders. Access to large, secure outdoor runs is available daily and should the weather not be so good pets can enjoy a play indoors or outside on harding standing rather than wet grass! Toys and tubes supplied as standard of course!

Lots of guinea pigs and rabbits enjoy their hols with us ... 


Outdoors ...

 The outdoor shady den.

There's lots to keep pets occupied with long grass, logs, tunnels, sandpit and at 5x18ft plenty of space to hop and dig around!

   One of our 3x8ft runs.


 Freestanding Hutches



The hardstanding area. This is great for wet weather days, we can move runs together so pets can see other boarders or have space to leave a good distance if they prefer. We also have a large grass garden area with plenty of juicy grass for your pets to enjoy.


We supply all bedding (fleece, straw or sawdust) and unlimited hay to eat but ask that you bring your pets dry food so as not to upset their little tummies with a change of diet. Fresh fruit, vegetables & herbs will be offered daily unless otherwise specified by you.

All pets will be handled daily, with your permission, and given lots of love and affection in your absence.


What to Bring ... 

When you bring your pet for his/her holiday you will need to bring sufficient dry food for the duration of their stay. If they use a litter tray bring that too.

You can even bring your own water bottle, food bowl and toys if you wish as they will have a familiar scent. If they like to be groomed bring their brush, we are more than happy to groom them.  

In line with RSPCA guidelines no guests share runs or are mixed during their stay unless boarded together.

Don't forget if you are bringing a rabbit/s they must have a vaccination certificate.



Lovely Bella enjoyed her stay with us in October.  She loved hopping around her spacious hutch and settled really quickly.  Within minutes of her being in there she sat and cleaned herself which her owner said was a really good sign she was happy! 


 Toffee was popcorning with excitement when she first went in her hutch!  Wish i'd filmed it!


Our Xmas Holiday boarders enjoyed their large spacious hutches, especially when it was too cold for outside play.  Rabbits had lots of space to hop around and the heating kept them warm and snug, even our house rabbit boarders seemed very happy and warm in the summerhouse.

 Bumble had a good hop around exploring the Summerhouse during his stay...